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Message  alexandra le Ven 7 Nov 2008 - 19:24

If you’re so opposed to smoking, ban the sale of cigarettes
By Jacqueline Theodoulou

(archive article - Saturday, November 1, 2008)
ACCUSATIONS by the Green Party that certain parliamentarians have personal interests in trying to prevent a full smoking ban have been blasted by EDEK’S Marinos Sizopoulos.

The MP challenged Green Party leader George Perdikis to submit any evidence he may have on the allegations he was making.

“I will not accept interventions or pressure. If he has something, he should say it and not hide behind sensationalist statements.”

Sizopoulos, who is a doctor as well as a non-smoker, has openly voiced his party’s opposition to a full smoking ban in all public areas.

Instead, EDEK backs respect towards smokers’ and non-smokers’ rights, and proposes the creation of special areas where smokers can enjoy their vice, while at the same time protecting the good health of non-smokers.

“Our position as EDEK is that we must totally ensure the protection of public health and the rights of non-smokers,” Sizopoulos explained yesterday. “But I don’t feel that a full smoking ban is the best solution.”

He added, “If in certain establishments – whether it is a restaurant, nightclub or cafeteria – there is the possibility of completely separating smokers from non-smokers, then this is the best solution to us.

“If not, then the area should be completely non-smoking, though the owner should build a specific area for smokers to smoke, with good ventilation, not just a window, but mechanical ventilation too.”

Sizopoulos said it was unheard of in the 21st century to force smokers to stand outside in the streets to smoke. “We need to respect both non-smokers and smokers.

And if governments are so interested in the dangers of smoking, they should ban the importation of cigarettes altogether and make smoking illegal.

“I am a non-smoker, I am a doctor and I am well aware of how harmful smoking is, and I urge my patients not to smoke; but on the other hand I like to be a reasonable person and within reason, smokers have rights too.”

When a state allows smoking products to circulate on the market, he added, it has a duty to create special areas for smokers.

“I don’t care if England or other European countries have implemented a total ban; I disagree with it and I think it is wrong,” Sizopoulos pointed out.

A suggestion at Thursday’s House Health Committee meeting to make it legal for establishments to ban entry to non-smokers is currently being examined at the Attorney-general’s office. “There are places just for smokers in other countries; what we need to see is if they have to be designated clubs.”

Commenting on the rift that the prospective ban has caused between deputies, House President Marios Garoyian said he was in favour of reason and against populism.

“I am against exaggerations on both parts,” said Garoyian. “A non-smoker has the right to protect his health, as smokers have their rights that need to be protected.”

Speaking of Parliament itself, where deputies, reporters and guests smoke freely in the building, the House President pointed out: “At Parliament, from the moment that there are no areas for smokers – even though we gave directions for the creation of designated areas – you can’t tell people not to smoke. Of course, smoking is not allowed during parliamentary sessions.”

Garoyian seconded Sizopoulos’ views that if people were so in favour of banning smoking, they should propose a restriction on importing and producing tobacco products.

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Alors qu'une interdiction de fumer est aussi en discussion à Chypre un député, medecin et non fumeur prend la défense des non fumeurs.
Il rappelle que les droits des fumeurs mais aussi des non fumeurs doivent etre respectés.
Il affirme qu'à partir du moment ou les cigarettes sont légales le gouvernement doit fournir des endroits pour fumer.
Et il ajoute qu'il se moque que certains pays aient adoptés des interdictions de fumer, pour lui ils ont tort.


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