l'angleterre, 9 mois après

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l'angleterre, 9 mois après

Message  joel lailler le Mar 8 Avr 2008 - 14:08

GLOBE'S global downturn!
Phil Johnson
2nd April 2008.
Today we see the truth beginning to emerge!

Today the politicians may take on board what we have been saying all along!

Today we see, in print, the discrediting of ASH!

Today we see a sad effect of the pernicious smokeban!

Globe Pub Company, the 437-strong tenanted business owned by Robert Tchenguiz, has indicated beer sales are down by 8% in its most recent quarter to 1 March this year.

8%-that is one hell of a lot of pints gone missing-but then, so have the smokers!

Globe admitted it had 35 pubs that were paying nil rent and a further ten pubs where rent concessions are in place. The company rent roll went down £300,000.

To keep pubs open and people in work (which is both correctness and commendable Mr Blair/Brown) this company has 35 incomeless, rentwise, outlets. This is not a recipe for longevity, this is a recipe for disaster! Disaster for the poor people trying their damndest to earn a living, for no matter long they are allowed to trade in this manner it will not be forever!

"The company rentroll went down £300,000"-again, for how long I ask?

Companies build upon their strong points. Companies make profits to re-invest, to strengthen their hold.

Companies flounder on losses. Companies fail due to losses!

It has taken 9 months for the truth to start emerging. Laurel have suffered from a wholesale massacre-thank you SMOKEBAN.

Globe are on the same road-the road to disaster.

The smokeban is a disaster, we keep beating the drum, but the media and this tyrannical gov't are fuelled by ASH & CRUK lies and distortions on a weekly basis. They refuse to bend to the truth yet they will not meet with us on a 'head to head' basis.

Perhaps they would like to meet with Laurel & Globe bosses, perhaps they would feel safer against them than us!

ça fait peur!!!!!!!

joel lailler

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Triste bilan

Message  alexandra le Mar 1 Juil 2008 - 8:55

Contrary to most predictions before the ban was enforced last summer, it has had a devastating effect on pub trade.

When the ban came into effect one year ago this week, polls were claiming that up to 80 per cent of all adults were more likely to visit a pub. But hardly any of that horde of new customers has materialised - while regulars have vanished.

Last July one health insurance giant predicted: "The ban will enable village and town pubs across the UK to play an even more integral role in community life."

Today that boast raises a hollow laugh as village after village and town after town lose their pubs.

Research by the magazine Publican shows that only one in three licensees has attracted new customers since the ban.
And at least 78,000 bar staff have been sacked because of a drop in business caused directly by the ban, according to the trade magazine Morning Advertiser.

The British Beer and Pub Association told The People: "The smoking ban was a huge change for pubs across Britain and it has had an adverse affect.

We have seen a £100million investment by large pub chains with outside smoking areas. But traditional pubs struggle because they cannot afford to make the changes."



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triste bilan suite

Message  alexandra le Mar 1 Juil 2008 - 9:09

More than 6,000 pubs in the UK could close in the next five years if they do not deal with the impact of the smoking ban and the current squeeze on customer spending.

According to a report by consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2,000 pubs could cease trading in 2008 alone as the industry continues to struggle to adjust a year after the smoking ban was introduced throughout the UK.

Michael Jervis, advisory partner at PwC, said: “Since our original prediction last year, the rate of pub closures has accelerated: we now expect to see 6,000 pubs closing by 2012.

“The UK currently has 76,000 pubs – 10,000 of which are believed to be loss making, so the 6,000 is only just over half of the loss makers.”


Donc 78 000 licenciements, 2000 pubs fermés et une prévision de 4000 supplémentaires. Mais à part ça tout va bien ! Je me demande si en France les gens croient vraiment que ça ne nous arrivera pas.


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en Angleterre la sutuation empire

Message  alexandra le Lun 8 Sep 2008 - 18:08

One in six pubs will close by 2012 – hit by the credit crunch, the smoking ban and drinkers turning to cheap supermarket booze.

Thirty-six are already shutting EVERY week, with thousands of staff losing their jobs and many communities losing long-established focal points. In the next four years at least 6,000 more face going to the wall, including 1,320 working men’s and social clubs and 430 nightclubs.

At the same time beer sales will slump to a record low, down from 16million pints a day to 14.7million.

Market research firm CGA Strategy, who carried out the survey, says the smoking ban and the credit crunch have driven many former regulars to stay at home drinking cheaper booze from supermarkets.

And they found that “community pubs” – those which get at least 60 per cent of their income from alcohol – are the hardest hit of all. Author Phil Tate said: “It’s the survival of the fittest – the weakest operators will cease to exist.”

Campaign For Real Ale spokesman Iain Loe said: “This is the death of a centuries’ old British institution.

“In many cases the pub is the only place where people can gather as a community – and when the local closes it loses all focus in that area.”

But there is one of ray of hope for landlords. The number of “gastropubs” is predicted to rise from 11,442 to 14,334 over the next four years.

At the start of the 20th Century there were more than 80,000 pubs in Britain. By 1980 there were 69,000 and now there are less than 57,000.

Last year more than 1,400 pubs pulled their last pint – seven times more than in 2006 – and the rate of closure is now 36 a week.

Two per cent of all pubs in urban areas have put up the shutters in the last 12 months.

Beer sales are at their lowest level since the 1930s and only half the beer bought in

Britain is now drunk in pubs, down from 90 per cent in the 1970s. Beer sales in pubs fell by six per cent in the last year alone.

Pubs currently employ 600,000 people.

Eight out of 10 closed pubs are demolished or converted into private homes.



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Re: l'angleterre, 9 mois après

Message  alexandra le Lun 3 Nov 2008 - 17:34

Les pubs en danger en Grande-Bretagne (mai 08)

L'association de la bière et des pubs tire la sonnette d'alarme. Entre l'interdiction de fumer dans les lieux publics, le ralentissement de l'économie et la hausse de 6% des taxes sur l'alcool, les professionnels redoutent la fermeture voire la disparition des pubs au Royaume-Uni. Selon l'association, le prix de la pinte pourrait atteindre 6,50 livres, soit plus de 8 euros d'ici les JO de Londres en 2012. Aujourd'hui la pinte est à 3 euros.
En 2007, ce sont 1400 pubs, pourtant l'un des symboles les plus forts du pays, qui ont fermé. 12 000 établissement ont disparu depuis 1980. La tendance s'accèlère ce qui rend les professionnels encore plus inquiets pour l'avenir. La consommation de bière chute encore en France ! (fev. 08)

Jamais dans l'Hexagone, les chiffres n'ont été aussi mauvais. Pour la première fois, la consommation est passée sous la barre symbolique des 20 millions d'hectolitres, à 19,56 mhl en 2007 (contre 20,26 mhl en 2006). Cela représente une baisse de 3,5 % en volume d'une année sur l'autre.
"Cette baisse de consommation de bière est une tendance de fond dans toute l'Europe, même en Allemagne, à l'exception notable de l'Espagne et de la Russie", constate M. Laloi, président du Sydnicat des Brasseurs de France. Désormais, la consommation moyenne par habitant s'élève à 30 litres par an.

En Espagne il n y a pas d'interdiction de fumer (sensible) En allemagne deux bars sur 3 sont clubs fumeurs. en Rusie il n y a pas d'interdiction de fumer



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Re: l'angleterre, 9 mois après

Message  alexandra le Mer 4 Fév 2009 - 10:12

60,000 join Save the Great British Pub campaign
By Ewan Turney
30/01/2009 10:45

Almost 60,000 people have signed up to a campaign to "Save the Great British Pub".

Campaign has attracted almost 60,000 supporters

The campaign is led by high profile licensee Inez Ward, who also runs Justice for Licensees and organised the pubco protest earlier this week.

The campaign has four key goals:

• To promote the benefits of the Great British pub such as being the hub of the community and providing a responsible place to drink.

• To hold supermarkets accountable for the actions of selling cheap alcohol.

• To open discussion with Government on the effects of the smoking ban, red-tape and the constant barrage of legislation.

• To open discussions about changes to the pubco model. The group does believe the pubco model can work if run correctly but stresses that is not currently happening.

The campaign's Facebook group had 57,329 followers this morning. The total has been rising by around 2,000 members each day.

"Pubs are closing at a phenomenal rate and we believe the British pub is worth saving," said Ward, licensee at Mavericks in Newquay, Cornwall.

"A lot the benefits of the pub go unreported these days and we want to promote all that is good. A pub is a supervised and responsible place for drinking and does a lot of great work for the community and charity.

"It is part of our heritage and culture. We must save the pub before it is too late."

• Pubco protesters are also now planning to stage a demonstration at Westminster, most likely in March.

• Join the Facebook group: Save the Great British Pub.



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Re: l'angleterre, 9 mois après

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